Kestrels Class

Year 1 Class
Teacher – Mrs J Robinson

Summer 2017


Kestrels have really enjoyed taking part in a ’secret quiz’ in Maths and we found out that we needed to learn more about halving and quartering numbers.

We have come to the end of our topic ’Nonsense@ and have all written some very funny and original versions of ’The Owl and the Pussycat’.

In Art we looked carefully at the Nonsense Botany of Edward Lear and used watercolours to design and name our own nonsense plants.

We also had a chance to plant our own sunflowers, onions, potatoes and sweetpeas in the secret garden.

In RE we have been learning about the Jewish Religion and why Sukkot is important. We built our own mini Sukkah from a range of materials. They must have three sides and the roof should be made of something natural.

Next term we will continue to lookat the Victorians in History and will look at how the seaside has changed since then.

Have a wonderful half term.


Spring 2017

Kestrels have had lots of fun this term learning all about dragons. Our talk for writing book is ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward and we tied this in with Chinese New Year.

We have done a dragon dance through the school and made our own fortune cookies. We have compared China to the UK and made a dragon machine to go on adventures.

Did you know the Chinese invented paper? We managed to make our own handmade paper with glitter and seeds in it.

Autumn 2016


Kestrels have had a very busy half term. We started the year reading the book ’You Choose’ which gave us all a chance to express our likes and dislikes and a rich speaking and listening exercise. We all agreed we would like to travel to space. We heard from an alien called Orson who sent us messages to help us with our alien phonic words, and we had to find out if humans had been to the moon. We also found out that Orson could help us with Maths as his planet has the same number system as us. This week we have been learning about subtraction and Orson has been ’taking away’ our gold tokens…luckily we can work out how many he has taken and get some more from Mr Devereux!